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When it comes to shopping for the programmer’s gifts, it could become difficult. It seems they like some strange stuff which might be complicated to choose if you are not a techie. I have created a list of gifts that are great and useful for the programmers (and not only for them).

Note board

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

This is a very useful thing. It can help with design, planning, or even preparation for an interview. I used note boards a lot at the office and really miss them at home.

Backpack with a compartment for a laptop

The idea of the ChildrenGo app, an aggregator of children-friendly places, came up to me and my husband in March this year.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

It comes from our own problem which was a pretty simple one. We’ve tried to find a coffee place to visit with our son. He was 11 months old back then and, like many other toddlers, he was (and still is!) very active, curious, and willing to explore the world. So, we had a strange list of requirements for a cafe: a special transforming table, a place to crawl and play for the kid, and tasty coffee for…

In the majority of the projects, you will need to automatically send emails to your users or to yourself. For my project, I decided to use an external SMTP service. I thought it would be fast and convenient, without any problems with settings.

Oh, I was wrong.

Photo by Onlineprinters on Unsplash

There are a lot of services available for that. For my project, I decided to use Yandex.Mail mainly because of the price. Google wants you to pay for each mailbox, and Yandex does not.

I registered my domain on Yandex. Keep in mind that you need already registered Yandex email for that (or…

I would like to share with you a nice widget django-map-widgets which I have found some time ago.

World map

I use PostGis to save coordinates in my application. And I use Django Admin panel to add it to my Data Base. First I used admin.OSMGeoAdmin to show a world map. But it has some problems:

  • We use Google Map to show coordinates to our users. And sometimes we can see a little difference. It is not critical, but we do not like it.
  • It is just easier to look for a place by address on Google Map.

So I found a…

Last Saturday I was reading the documentation of the Django User model fields. I don’t even remember what I was looking for. But, when I’ve read the description of the username field I realized that I need to rewrite the whole project.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

As you know Django has a built-in User model which is default choice. I used the it in my project, but the project required an authentication by email. We have limited timeline so I’ve decided to save an email to the username field. Ugly, but quickly and works. Do not do like this.

From Django doc:



Recently I’ve been working on a pet project, which consists of a mobile app and a Python backend. At some point, this project required me to authenticate users.

Photo by Maxwell Nelson on Unsplash

There are many way to implement an authentication. The two most popular are session based authentication and token based authentication. Previously, I used to work only with the session based. However, Token based one is much more convenient for the application, so we chose to use it.

The token-based authentication process looks like this:

  1. User enters username and password.
  2. The server checks them, and if everything is correct, returns two tokens —…


Co-founder of ChildrenGo. Software Developer, +10 years of experience developing software.

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